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Macro and Micro What??? What’s In Your Food

It is only until people remind you that sometimes you forget how back to basics things really need to go for far more than where we try to pretend we all are. We are bombarded with various complicated diets and training protocols. We are convinced that the only way to grow, lose or get faster are by taking various concoctions. At some level, at some point, the above may get you to that next level, First though is knowing, understanding and for a consistent period of time, application of the basics of training and food is where you need to be to get where you want to go. Things really are not, nor need to be so damn complicated,

I am going to take you back to something that you must first know and understand so you can better grasp on what the diets are all about right now if you choose to try them. I also aim to help you understand about what makes up your food as you find your fit. Why this “not flashy oooooh super new and exciting” post? Because during conversation, within the past week I have been asked by three different people (macro and micro what) what I am talking about when I say macro and micornutrients.

It is okay if you want to try new diets but without the actual meal plan given, can you pick up and do it on your own? That is why knowing the basics is so important. You need to be empowered with the knowledge to figure some things out on your own because meal plans are not always going to be there or go the way you want them to. Real life happens 😉 I keep getting reminded that on a much greater scale, what many of you need more of is basics education and empowerment and less complexity and flash.


Macro means large, big. Nutrient can be defined as substances that give nourishment that is essential for growth and maintenance of life. This basically means that these are the substances we need in “large” amounts in our diets. I use the term “large” loosely as it can be taken out of context and presumptions of oversized portions being given the ok can be made 😉

The macronutrients of our diets are the fats, proteins and carbohydrates that make up food. These can be further broken down into smaller and smaller divisions, but I think that is done a bit too much in our society and people get too confused and complicated too soon. Some macros deliver more micros and are better options. Some great examples of these macronutrients are:

Carbohydrates– rice, sweet potatoes, berries, apples, quinoa, broccoli, kale, squash, watermelon, peas, beets, oatmeal, whole grain bread, bananas, spinach and on it goes. Veggies, Fruits and Whole grains.

Proteins (the whole protein versions providing all of the amino acids)- eggs, fish, chicken, tofu/tempeh/edamame, whey protein, Greek yogurt, low fat cheese (I love Allegro), cottage cheese, extra lean beef, bison

Fats – coconut oil, olive oil, flax seed oil and flax seeds/meal, hemp seed oil and hemp seeds, butter, walnuts, almonds, rapeseed oil, pumpkin seeds

I also consider water to be a MAJOR macronutrient. You can go much longer without food than you can water and therefore it is far beyond essential in macro amounts for us to live!


Micro means little, small, lesser. These are the nutrients that are still essential to life, but that are parts of the whole above IN (and sometimes supplemented IF needed) our macronutrients. If we don’t eat enough food to fuel our bodies, minds and activities, if we are on a temporary calorically restricted diet, are an athlete, have a medical condition, or are not eating an overall varied diet, we may need these in those supplemental forms as directed 😉 The micronutrients act as catalysts in our bodies for many functions (energy, movement, mental function, breathing etc) as well as provide necessary structural components so to speak.

The micronutrients are for the most part things like vitamins and minerals. This can be further broken down, but again let’s not complicate until you actually need to worry about that mmmkay?

Vitamins – Fat soluble – These are typically found in fatty foods. They need fat to be absorbed and our bodies can have a harder time breaking these down and eliminating what we may not need, they don’t dissolve in water and get excreted “easily”. Fat soluble vitamins are A,D,E and K.

Water soluble – These are typically found in things like whole grains, veggies and fruits. They dissolve in watery substances and are easier to breakdown, use and/or excrete as needed. These are the B vitamins and C.

Minerals (can be further broken down to a more complex level than this but that’s not our goal here)– These  are your calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc.

The cool thing and the not-so-cool thing about food and US in general, is that things are far more complex than the basics, than the surface. The cool part about that is just how much we all have to learn and discover, how diverse we are, how truly complex we and the substances we eat affect us. the not-so-cool thing about it is that we get too caught up in the complexities and forget to just enjoy and to be happy and healthy.

What makes up our foods on a basic level are the macro and micro nutrients but what we eat is food. While treats and extras are absolutely ok, if you just remember on the grand scheme of things to keep things simple and not try to break down everything you eat, you will enjoy yourself more and things will start to fall into place.

p.s. sometimes I forget things I want to say or sometimes there are just more questions from you, if so please hit me up and I will be more than happy to help you find your answer 🙂

Beginner Nutrition Tips to Look, Feel and Be Better

When it comes to eating, maybe you often get bored of what you’re eating and than revert to more palatable yet not-so-healthy foods. On occasion this is ok if you have hit that mark on your journey, but too often and that is just a recipe for disaster. If you’re always on the lookout for new recipes or ways to change up some of your faves, or for easy shortcuts to prevent boredom, here are some tips to get you started:

1. Add Art to Your Meals – Colorful fruits and vegetables (just like a beautiful painting yes) quickly decorate your favourite recipes and make your food appear much more appetizing. Look for deep greens in spinach, vibrant reds in tomatoes and a rainbow of colors in peppers to add to your favourite home-cooked dishes.

2. Swap Schtuff  – It may surprise you to learn serving meals on smaller plates (or in smaller bowls) encourages people to eat less food. So downsize what you serve your meals on, and you might find your family eating the proper portions.  Eating with smaller utensils can help too as you will be forced to slow down your eating and thus will likely trigger your “I’m full” hormones sooner.

3. Change Your Take-Out and Delivery Menus- If you have a stack of take-out/delivery menus in your home, replace them with meal planner services. Having a planner will help you arrange a weekly grocery shopping list and save you time and money by limiting the number of nights you eat out. There are so many options as far as being able to get these delivered, daily, weekly or monthly as well as the option of buying pre-cooked healthy portioned meals to pick up. The number of healthy “fast-food” joint nowadays too removes major barriers as well.

4. Flip Off the TV and Couch – No I am not advising you to take gymnastics, or wait, maybe I AM! Instead of plopping on the couch in front of the tv after dinner, go for a walk and help shuttle the nutrients from the foods you just ate into the right places 😉

5. Vary the Ingredients – If you already have family-favorite recipes, look them over to see if there are ways to swap healthier ingredients in place of others. Varying your foods, ingredients and so forth is actually a great way to prevent food aversions, ensure you get a wide spectrum of micronutrients that are essential for health, fat loss, muscle building, performance, mental health….are you getting the picture 😉 Variety also helps to prevent certain intolerances and allergies too.

If you are a newbie, and even if you’re not, these little changes can make a big difference and when they do, please share them! You can, and totally SHOULD, keep adding to your toolbox. Start with small habits and changes each week. Add more nutrient dense foods, and a whole buttload of variety of them, instead of always “taking away” and you will no doubt look, feel and perform better in all aspects of life.

Nutrition, Body Composition and Health Demo Recap

This past Saturday I was a guest at Southside Muay Thai. Not only was EVERYONE there so helpful in getting me set up (yeah they even jumped to help me bring my stuff in from the car without my even asking…thank you so much!) and beyond encouraging, but the fact that I over went by almost 2 hours there says a lot about their interest and dedication to their goals.

I didn’t realize they had a pad class followed by an instructional type of class back to back on Saturday so I will definitely be coming out for that when time permits (that was a hard lesson to learn lol)! Pad work (and sparring) are 2 of my faves 🙂 . It was nice to meet many new people as well as some that I have only met through social media. It was even more of a blessing to have such a good turn out and reception by all.


Aside from the giveaway and goodie bags, I also set up their own “packages” with their anthropometrics (body composition, height, weight, measurements etc) to help them see and get started on where they are. Information sheets and site links were also given as well as my dropping as many knowledge bombs as were inquired upon lol. That is one of my favourite things too. Doing what I can to educate and empower people, in many ways, excites the bejeez outta me and I look forward to the opportunities to come, which I will post about when completely solidified.

Again I wanted to thank Lebert Fitness, Supplement Source and Southside Muay Thai members and guests, for an exceptional experience.


p.s. re-branding and other things are coming so stay tuned 🙂


Four Fill You Up, Not Out Foods

It really depends on where you are starting that will determine the complexity of methods needed to drop some fat. For the most part, simply making permanent changes to your metabolism by means of putting on lean muscle mass and eating a caloric restricted diet are the ways to go.

One of the hardest things most people find, or will find, when trying to lose fat, is in fighting the initial hunger pangs and cravings that come when modifying your diet. The ideal way to help avoid this is to take smaller steps, make one habit and behaviour change at a time. I am also a realist and know that this is not often the way people go about things.

To help those of you who are adamant about jumping the gun, I have compiled a short list of some foods that will help you to maintain energy and that will fill you up without filling you out. I am not big on having to label everything and these are just a few things to add/modify in your plan. I just know that this has helped others like you who think or know that you can handle more changes at once.Add these while dropping the hyperpalatible sugary foods and ease your way to fat loss.

Fill you up food 1: Flax Meal.images (1)

Slowly adding flax meal sprinkled onto your meals (start with 1 tsp per day for a week and slowly progress to 2-3) will help to stave off hunger. Flax meal is a great source of soluble and insoluble fiber. This means that you will not only feel full, you will be regular too. The more regular you are, the better your gut health and fat loss capabilities (1).

Fill you up food 2: Eggs, Chicken, Fish. You are not limited to these three high protein sources but foods such as these are very satiating as well as energizing (2,3).lean_meats_food_group_75650673_8_web

High protein foods also help to stimulate your metabolism more than any other macronutrient as well as help to stimulate your mind. The more energy you have, the more likely you are to move which means greater fat loss.

Fill you up food 3: Green coffee beans. Ok so this isn’t exactly a food per se, but apparently adding some green coffee bean extract (broken up into two and 3 servings from Applied Food Sciences brand 700-1050 mg) to your days might act as an appetite suppressant (4).images


Fill you up food 4: Water. Again, this is not quite a food but I digress as it is still something you consume that provides value and fullness (plus it IS my blog and I will do want I want to lol). Good ole water is one of THE best fillers and energizers when trying to lose fat without suffering :p. Water helps give your foods the bulk, it helps to regulate metabolic processes to allow for fat loss, energy and general health to occur and best of all, it provides 0 calories.images (2)


There is not magic pill or protocol. Every body, situation, need and so forth might be different but adding these four simple fill you up”foods” to your plan will initiate your progress faster than any extreme method ever will. It is harder to overindulge when you consume these substances.This makes fat loss just that much easier so go ahead and fill up without having to worry about filling out!


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Screw Green Eggs and Ham, Try Greenpie!

It was a process of wanting, working for than some elimination to get in on the beta testing and mentorship for something that will be both a tremendous learning experience (keep learning from EVERYONE and learn from your mistakes…just learn!) as well as a life changer.

I am not ashamed to admit my frequent cases of paralysis by analysis in many areas (crapsicles I detest that saying at this point but it just depicts things so formidably it bears over usage), and that is where learning from your mistakes vs simply learning comes in. Action is far more tremendous a feat. With the help of some great people who have fallen into my life recently, more action and errr re-action (no not reaction, although that too is a thing I am working on lol) shall be taken!

Embracing and allowing yourself to step away from sole focus on two particular passions that do not serve you in the proper sustaining ways has been quite a journey of lessons :p. The fork is now veering in another more appropriate and self-serving yet still people serving direction so a woooh to that 😉

Technology, lifestyle based and other online things are everywhere and you can so easily get paralyzed and confused and many will lurk and try to get you on board with things only to benefit themselves and their outcomes. Not being negative, just trying to help you be mindful. I have made the decision to stick with ONE at a time and I suggest you do the same. We are not made for the overload society wants to put on us and while a lot of it is SO awesome, too much is not. Mirna and one of my other mentors is also helping me a lot with that whole focus thing. You can’t do everything on your own but you do need to be selective.

Not only is my experience earned about an app to help you better serve your clients, it is related to improving business, protocols and mind set. These are things you can and should reach out and learn from as many REAL successful, honest and like-minded peeps. That like mindedness is probably more important than anything. We have almost now completed our first week and I am happy with the group and our mentor. I am very lucky to be getting more mentorship and guidance in the right ways in many areas (finally 🙂 ) and I look forward to things to come.

I am pretty stoked though to be finally allowing myself to take care of me while also being able to more effectively and efficiently help others. A lot of people pretend, especially those trying to “help you” with their magical gadgets and systems,  and pretend they have had it all figured out from the get-go all by themselves and that they are living perfect lives of stress free bliss never making any mistakes in anything. I promise you that is a lie and I share some of my things with you to hopefully help you think and to keep going on whatever YOUR journeys entail 😉  I am very grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to share the outcomes with you!


My Protein Shake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

In case you haven’t gotten the gist of the title, it is a play on this:

…and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, protein rocks for a rocking figure. If you are a foxy lady trying to bring more sass while tightening up your ass, get some more protein in your diet…seriously. BUTT (lol see what I did there) you must also put in the work by lifting some weights or you can forget about really changing your body composition and shape.

How can protein help you feel better AND give you more game ladies? Well let me give you a quick 411 on some of this macronutrients macro superpowers (FYI macro means large, big, major).

  • Protein will help to rebuild and maintain the sculpted muscle you have been working on for shapeliness.
  • Protein will help you to have more balanced energy for the things you love to do, or have to do.
  • Protein can provide you with amino acids that help with mental health and focus.
  • Protein will help to keep you satiated which means less hunger pangs and less of a chance of overdosing on your calories.
  • Protein will help to give you strong and lustrous hair, skin and nails.

So what are some solid sources of protein you ask? There is a difference between animal sources and vegetarian sources where animal sources are always complete, only some vegetarian sources are.

  • Chicken, turkey, fish, ostrich, beef, eggs
  • Complete : Soy, tempeh Incomplete but complimentary: beans, nuts, seeds, legumes (complete means that the source provides all of the amino acids that make up a full protein. The incomplete yet complimentary mean that individually the source does not provide all of the amino acids to make a full protein but if you consume them together, you can get the complete range of aminos.)
  • Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, low fat cheeses (Allegro makes the lowest fat highest protein source I have found)
  • Powders like whey, casein, vegetarian versions with things like pea and hemp combos

How much protein should you get in a day?

This is very individual but an idea would be between 1-2g/kg depending on how much you train and the types of activities, how YOU respond to a higher protein diet, as well as what your goal is at the time.

If you want have more energy, look better (yes we ALL do so enough already), and even perform better at school, work, sport, sex…up the ante by upping your protein.


Artichoke Water Chokes Out Coconut Water?

It is really no surprise that with the overwhelming success of coconut water over the past few years, someone would want to take it on with a new hot ticket. This hot new ticket seems to be artichoke water.

Artichokes are well known for their good gut health prebiotic inulin content, their antioxidant and immune promoting caffeic and chlorogenic acid (1), as well as their ability to help reduce the damaging effects of oxidation of the “bad” low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (2).  Well we know how artichokes themselves can benefit us but water about artichoke water and will this new product hold its weight in a battle up again coconut water?


Coconut Water:

  • Closest fluid to our very own blood plasma. This means our bodies “welcome” it better than  other sources for properly balanced rehydration.
  • Has fewer calories, sugar, sodium and more potassium than most sports drinks.
  • There is some evidence showing it can help reduce oxidative stress while also being a good source of phytohormones which may help to protect and strengthen cells (3,4).
  • Excellent source of enzymes, electrolytes, good source of B vitamins


Artichoke Water:

  • Protective effects on the liver (5,6)
  • Good source of electrolytes and B vitamins
  • Rich in phytonutrients like quercetin and cynarin
  • Promotes good gut health, blood sugar and possible aid in reducing inflammation(7)

Neither of these drinks are miracle cures for anything but both do offer their own kick ass benefits. Drinking straight up water for the majority of your hydration and health needs should be your first priority but if you are just someone looking to improve their health with the occasional alternative beverage, both are great choices. If you are an athlete or consistently train for over an hour, you will want to add some sodium to these beverages to facilitate the best rehydration. Salt is our friend sweaty people :).  I think the artichoke water has a way to go in knocking out coconut water as the competition in your health arsenal but really, I feel they don’t need to as they can be complimentary.

P.S NOPE I am not pushing a product or otherwise just giving you some deets on some new product hitting the market 🙂 Watch the sugar content in BOTH and be mindful of how and why you are consuming EITHER beverage. If you want a different taste sensation or other health promoting benefits, try the new kid on the block (no not Donnie, Joey, Danny, Jordan or Jonathan 😮 ) th7MKIM4WC


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Progress, Not Perfection

Well, well, well, I suppose I have officially sucked it up now as I am posting a “progress” picture to help me be accountable. Now don’t get me wrong, I train or do some kind of activity EVERY day and for the majority, eat a healthful diet, but over the past couple of months I have decided to be kind to myself for a while and just let myself BE. You know, like enjoy some things in life wooooh! I also have different goals in my life right now and far too many things that need priority right now than being overly compulsive about every bite, every rep, every heart beat. What do I mean by this? I can be somewhat of an obsessive hardcore-ist of things. Trust me, a look has nothing to do with how much you train and your diet when you hit a certain level. It can be much more complex than this, but than again, I am always learning too 😉 Just my personality and something that I have to be very mindful of and work on every day 🙂 I have just been eating without tracking and also allowing myself a few more lighter days of work and here is where I am at:


The point of this post, if I really need one lol, is just a sort of cathartic release and state of healing for me, as well as to let those of you out there who might think fitness people are perfect all the time, are really not. This is a real picture, no editing, I mean hell, look at my ‘do ahaha! I don’t really show up as super lean and jacked anyways but that is because for me, I either have not yet mastered the art of single digit body fat percentages while still being able to “perform”, oh and doing it without ahem, “assistance” lol or my body just doesn’t want to go there again. Besides, I want to feel good and am still trying to find exactly where I, not anyone else, wants my body to be at.

Now really there is nothing wrong with this but I know I could be better, even on my every day body.  I am not trying to look like some super lean and jacked chick because for me, that is not a healthy place to be and that’s totally cool. I want to promote health and being, feeling awesome and just happy not obsessive about diet and training. I AM somewhat obsessive about training but for ME, I sort of HAVE to be. You will understand soon enough. I have decided to post this picture because I am a bit “uncomfortable” right now and have been a bit too lackadaisical with my intake and I need to, no I want to, smarten up. I don’t have a competition coming up, although I actually wish I did :p but I like to always be ready. Ready for what you ask? A zombie apocalypse, a hot date wink wink nudge nudge and of course, because I feel it is an important part in trying to be a role model. I love being smaller, faster and nimble and that is my goal. I am combining triple digit lift days and some aesthetic-lift days as well as sport, dance and weird shit I like to do but if I don’t be more diligent with my diet, my body tends to go to a place I would prefer it not to be. Again, this is for ME and I do want to be smaller, tighter and fast as fu%k (speed kills wooooh).

My strength days are a bit more of power days with it all being more explosive now. Because I am already a highly sympathetic dominant person, I do need to be careful and also need to let go of my ego and my need to always prove it in the gym by killing it. I have gotten back to embracing more ohm shit and lighter work. Totally ok. I have also dropped the BS wagon of limiting my carbs too much. Since I started competing I fell into the trap even though I ate them like a mutha and was always healthy, functional and a pretty consistent size :p Whatever! You do dumb stuff and you learn so you can teach others so no regrets but I still have a hard time with finding MY balance. Training, nutrition, health, life…it is all a journey and I am learning to embrace that again. We are ALL on a journey of some sort. There will be ups. There will be downs. There will be times when things are just meh and that is ok. No one is perfect. There is no such thing. There is only progress. Sometimes priorities in your life will change and your training or nutrition might be more of a 3 times per week or 4 meals eaten out vs 6 days of training and 1 day of eating out because of family or work obligations. Whatever it is in life that YOU want that makes YOU happy, go for it but be sure to know and to understand that that “thing” will never be as enjoyable as when your body (and mind!) is strong, fit and healthy. An image is nothing. It truly is about how you feel. I also want you all to know, understand and truly believe, that you don’t NEED to be in the gym 6-7 days per week for hours at a time and being obsessive calorie/macro counters to be healthy, fit and happy. You really truly don’t! People like me are a “special breed” lol. Hell you don’t even need a gym or a lot of money. There are endless possibilities to improving yourself, your health, your life and livelihood you just have to want it. Enjoy your journey and I am going to enjoy mine as I embark on a new phase. We come in all shapes and sizes and abilities and as much as I truly do embrace that in others, it is a journey for ME to embrace it now too 🙂 Everything in all of our lives is about progress, not an unattainable perfection, whatever that even means. Do not accept mediocrity, but be kind to yourself too 😉 Be well and kick ass! xox

Toronto’s Best Restaurants?

I am thinking that I am going to start blogging specifically about gyms, restaurants and food related places and some products of course along with my random outbursts of insanity 😮 Maybe this will keep my mind occupied or maybe this is that new direction I am going in with a focus more on the writing. I have been around food/diets/supplements and all kinds of training and everything in between for long enough and in so many arenas that it DOES kind of makes sense I suppose. Aside from the fact there is already a butt load of way too much info out there on training and diets, I am working on some things with some people for that stuff specifically so you can get mind fuc$ed and awesome results there lol. I will keep you posted.

I started to look into this and found the Best Restaurants in Toronto according to this Huffington Post writer but I don’t think I agree 😉 What do you think?

Article from Huffington Post:

What’s Toronto’s best restaurant? Toronto Life released its list of the city’s best new restaurants earlier this month (the online version is up now should be up in the next few weeks) and, unsurprisingly, two of Momofuku‘s Toronto outposts scored high on the list.

Of course, Toronto Life isn’t the only game in town. Ask any Toronto foodie for his or her list of best restaurants for 2013 and no two will be the same. With spring finally here and restaurant-goers emerging from their annual hibernation, it’s a good time to take stock of the exciting things going on in Toronto’s restaurant scene. Which hot new spot should you check out? Is there an old gem that you missed out on last year?

[UPDATE June 3: We’ve added Joanne Kates’ latest list, Now’s 25 Hottest Restaurants and Corey Mintz’ Best 44 Restaurants to the mix] We take a look at some of the best lists from 2012 and 2013, compiled by local publications and try to match them up to the many different kinds of Toronto foodies out there. Bon appetit.

  • From awesome Vietnamese subs to classic fine cuisine, this list of Toronto’s best restaurants reflects the city’s diversity and its amazing food scene.
Toronto’s Best Restaurants
From awesome Vietnamese subs to classic fine cuisine, this list of Toronto’s best restaurants reflects the city’s diversity and its amazing food scene.
Toronto Life’s Where To Eat Now 2013 Top picks: 1. Shoto, 2. Edulis Who should use it: If you absolutely need to go to the most-buzzed restaurants in the city then this is the list for you. Toronto Life’s list combines heavy-hitters (two Momofuku outposts are on the list) and smaller eateries. But where’s the east side? We didn’t spot a single restaurant east of the Don River on the list.

Yelp’s Best Restaurants In Toronto Top picks: 1. The Black Hoof, 2. Khao San Road Who should use it: The list looks like it’s determined by compiling user reviews from Yelp users in Toronto so it favours older more-established restaurants. Both the Hoof and Khao San Road have more than 250 reviews each. Think of Yelp’s list as Zagat’s for a younger, hipper and more tech-savvy crowd.

Now’s 25 Hottest Restaurants Of 2013 Steven Davey picks the hottest restaurants in the city. The list is a great overview of the food trends that have got diners and chefs talking. Ramen and tacos figure prominently.

Now’s Top 10 Best Restaurants Of 2012 Top picks: 1. Ursa, 2. Bent Who should use it: The hipster diner. The alt-weekly’s list skews toward the restaurants that have the fixie-riding, tuque-wearing, foodie set talking.

Corey Mintz’ The Best 44 Restaurants In Toronto, 2013 Mintz, a Toronto Star food columnist, creates this list for out of town guests attending the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. The list is divided into low, middle and high-price ranges.  Who should use it: Those who want to play tourist in their own town. Corey’s list is the one you wish you had for every single city you visited.

The Fifty Best Toronto Restaurants Top picks: The list is alphabetical. But the usual suspects, such as Canoe and Nota Bene show up. Who should use it: Are you in town for business? Need to find a decent restaurant near your hotel? This is the list for you. Judging by the high-end names on the list, it’s even better if the company is picking up the tab.

BlogTO’s Best New Restaurants In Toronto, 2012 Top picks: 1. Hopgood’s Foodliner, 2. Ursa Who should use it: The trend-chasers. Dozens (if not hundreds) of restaurants open in Toronto each year. BlogTO’s list includes both high-end and decently-priced food options.

Post City Magazine’s Joanne Kates’ Top 100 Restaurants in Toronto, 2013 Top picks:1. Scaramouche, 2. Yours Truly

Post City Magazine’s Joanne Kates’ Top 100 Restaurants In Toronto, 2012 Top picks: 1. Scaramouche, 2. Acadia Who should use it: The completeist. Have you exhausted all those piddly lists with a mere 10 or 20 restaurants? Then this is the list for you. Kates is one of Toronto’s most veteran restaurant critics with almost four decades at The Globe and Mail under her belt. Her 2012 list has a great mix of steady stalwarts (Splendido, Black Camel) and rising stars (Hopgoods Foodliner, Acadia).

Chowhound’s Best In The GTA, 2012 Top picks: 1. Splendido, 2. Acadia, Bahn Mi Boys, Edulis, Enoteca Sociale Who should use it: The opinionated foodie. Chowhound is one of the best places online to gab about food. The conversation thread that spawned this list has more than 85 replies. Better get eating if you want to contribute to the 2013 list.

Zagat’s 2012 Toronto Dining Survey Top picks: Spring Rolls (most popular), Scaramouche (best food) Who should use it: The really stumped. Zagat has broken down the list into categories ranging from best decor to best Italian. I’d be wary of some of the ratings though. Cookie cutter ‘Asian’ fusion chain restaurant Spring Rolls as most popular? Really?

Urbanspoon’s Best Toronto Restaurants Top picks: 1. Salad King, 2. Guu Izakaya Who should use it: The populist foodie. Urbanspoon’s user reviews and submissions seem to skew toward the cheap and cheerful end of Toronto’s food scene. It explains why Ryerson mainstay Salad King takes the top spot in their list.

We also should give a shoutout to The Grid, which has excellent food coverage (but sadly no best of 2012 list) and The Globe and Mail’s Chris Nuttall-Smith for his overview of the Toronto food scene in 2012.

Melisscious’ Delicious Discography 23? – Get Greasy ;D Music and Training

I just had a crazy week of crazy hours and the busiest days just happened to fall on the 31 and the 1 so I am a day late…my bad and I welcome your virtual face punching :p This is a nice hard bunch of bombs I’m dropping on you so gnarl and snarl or bob your body and kill it during your sesh lol. Below you will of course find your training playlist and your health/fitness tip-erooni for the month. Here you go you fabulous bunch of beings you:

1. Manzone and Strong – (these guys are two of my fave dj’s and oh yeah they’re Canadian)

2. 3Lau – I Could Be the Bass (so ill!)

4. Slipknot – Sic (bc it IS 😉 )

5. Sultan + Ned Sheppard and Nervo and Omarion – Army

6. Beastie Boys – Sure Shot

7. Bring Me the Horizons – Shadow Moses

8. Hopsin – Ill Mind of

9. Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t Sweat the Technique

10. Your cooldown jam by (this dude makes some of THE hottest sexiest music damn mmmmm mm mmmm) The Weeknd and Juicy J- One of Those Nights

Instead of always editing your pictures on social media to look more like Mila Kunis or Channing Tatum, try actually putting in some work with lifting challenging weights, do some heavy breathing for at least 20-60 minutes per day and eat a lot of veggies and protein. Besides, how will anyone be able to find you if you go missing if your profile pictures look less like you when you look more like a Waka Flocka or Barbapapa in person huh? Be a better version of YOU! That’s the tip now go deal with it ;D