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#MPOWERment Playlist #48

Again, for those who have followed my blog on the other site in the past, these #MPOWERment playlists are like the artist formerly known as Prince in that these are playlists formerly known as Melisscious’ Delicious Discography 😉 As per usual, you have your warmup and cooldown jams.

Plug in or Play it Loud and Go Get it!

1. Punjabi MC feat Jay Z and Pharrell – Beware of the Boyz

2. Die Mannequin – Sucker Punch

3. Fito Blanko feat Fat Joe and Sophia Del Carmen – Take Over

4. Calvin Harris and R3Hab – Burnin

5. Jessie J feat 2 Chainz – Burnin’ Up

6. Travis Barker feat Busta Rhymes, Lil Jon, Yelawolf & Twista – Let’s Go

7. Fergie – A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

8. Showtek – We Like to Party

9. Shaggy Mohambi Faydee Costi – Habibi

10. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

MOVEment Playlist (Formerly Known as Melisscious’ Delicious Discography) #45

I have been trying REALLY hard to pull back in terms of my training intensity and ridiculous frequency for the past while to allow my body to heal. The minor injuries I can get by on but your spine is not something to mess with nor is all kinds of  burnout! Really much better now but I’ll give it another couple of weeks I think is best. I know better in terms of the importance of recovery but doing it has been another not to mention my serious dislike for backing down from a challenge (or what in my ego perceives to be a challenge :p). You absolutely have to take a step back so you can make giant leaps forward. Hard to do for some, but essential I promise you.

I have found that back in the day it was another thing to implement the important side of recovery methods like yoga, meditation, foam rolling, mobility and flexibilty etc. I easily bore and quite simply find I do not enjoy and therefore do not make time for it. If this sounds like you can I get a hellllll yah! Ok so what do I do to forcefully yet joyfully endure this necessity? I LOVE to dance! Dancing (all kinds but especially choreography-style) is a great way to keep you challenged, helps you be in the moment, and it seriously helps you with your fluidity in movement.  I have been getting back to my love of dancing, although choreography is something I just started this past year but I love it so much! I have been subbing it in for where I would do non-stop horrible things to myself lol and I am also not as angry 😉 I have to keep a balance because i want to have that and to ME that means kicking ass but with that “feminine” sass 😉

Aside from dancing, another great way to help with the recovery is to use guided meditation apps, mp3 and the like. It is tough to slow down your mind and be totally present and the guided for, as well as in-person classes, helps tremendously.

Alright so this playlist is going to be dedicated to my bringing some of my yin back to my yang, or is it yang back to my yin? I digress but you will no doubt see (hear) what I mean. To those of you looking for my typical hardcoreness, meh, we ALL need a lil bit o the softer side 😉 (btw if you are a guy reading this, chicks REALLY dig guys who can dance so figure it out)

1. Beyonce – 7/11

2. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

3. Janet Jackson – All Night

4. LL Cool J feat Raekwon and Murder Mook – I’m Nice

5. Outkast – Da Art of Storytellin part 1

6. Da Brat feat Tyrese – Watchu Like

7. Foxy Brown – Get You Home

8. Mavado and Nicki Minaj – Give It All To Me

9. Gyptian feat Nicki Minaj – Hold Yuh

10. Tinashe – All Hands On Deck

Your health tip for this month:

This is probably one of the most stress filled times of year. A time when we often take many things, many people for granted. Take that this is a chill list and regardless if you like these tunes or not, take some time to CHILL. You owe no one anything if it means your health and sanity. Take time to write down something every day you are grateful for. Start each day, not with news of ANY sort, but with a song you love, a quote that inspires you, and end your days the same. Make love to your loved one (even if that is yourself lol!!!). If you feel alone this holiday season or have a hard time this time of year, reach out to someone or better yet, get outside of yourself and help others by volunteering somewhere. You are amazing, know that, remember that, take time to chill and appreciate that 😉

Don’t worry the next playlist will be more RAWR-ish 😉

Training Playlist #46 aka Melisscious’ Delicious Discography

I realize that some of you may not appreciate the cleverosity (yes I STILL make up words 😉 ) of what Melisscious’ Delicious Discography means so I have added to the title. Exciting news huh…yes you now can leave the edge of your seat.

Since November is also known as Movember, I figure I will delight your earballs and eyedrums with a manly post, whatever that means (insert BS stereotype here :p). So here is your playlist and whatever you do, smashy smash it!  ;D

1. 50 Cent – Animal Ambition

2. Motionless in White – Creatures

3. Limp Bizkit feat Lil Wayne- Ready to Go

4. Korn – Wicked

5. Nailbomb – 24 hour Bullshit

6. Sepultera – Refuse Resist

7. Chimaira – Power Trip

8. Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More

9. Swollen Members feat Nelly Furtado – Breathe

10. Everlast – What it’s Like




Melisscious’ Delicious Discography number 45: Work it out… #music #MOVEment

Ok so this post is going to be a quickie with just your playlist because I am a bit busy but I still luv ya…So here is your October workout playlist peeps! 😀

1. Disclosure – F for you

2. Hardwell – Three Triangles

3. Junior Jack – Es Samba

4. Lumidee VS Fatman Scoop – Dance

5. R3hab & Nervo – Ready for the weekend

6. Nyemiah Supreme feat Timbaland – Thorough Bitch

7. Melanie Martinez (Chocolate Puma remix) – Dollhouse

8. AK9 – Some Shit Title No one Cares About

9. Cranksters – Call My Name

10. Cooldown Jam…Birdy – Not About Angels

Melisscious Delicious Discography #44 maybe !??

Hello and welcome back to my monthly playlist and “fitness can I get a witness” post. I aim to deliver you with some hellish workouts to add some yeah to your day and the tune-age to help you bust a nut…wait, I mean…no that IS what I mean (I kid I kid and btw that is Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and feel free to Google him lol)


Don’t worry, I will still be interspersing my easier to comprehend posts on health, fitness and everything in between, but this Melisscious’ Delicious Discography will allow for my inner teeny-bopper (lol who says that:P) to come through….wooh, and she gets hangry (hungry and angry) if she is not kept nourished.

Alright so let’s get started with the playlist and be sure to check the time saving, no excuses, unleash your awesome workout below 🙂

1. (Warm it up to…) Drake –  0 to100

2. Shihad – Think You’re So Free

3. Royal Blood – Figure It Out

4. Bif Naked – Love Myself Today

and your cool down jam to roll out and stretch out to…

5. Outkast – The Whole World

My apologies that it the playlists have been cut in half but it takes far too much time to always be doing 10. Warmup with some jump rope and mobility/movement patters. This workout is something you can add to make you stronger and faster and leaner. Little to no rest between supersets. Repeat this sequence 3-5 times depending on your fitness level.

1a. Deadlifts 4-6 reps

1b. Concept 2 Rows Power Pulls for 40 seconds

Rest 30-60 seconds

2a. Reverse Lunge to Punch Press 8-10 each side

2b. Inchworm to Diverbomber Pushups for 40 seconds

Rest 30-60 seconds

3a. Hip Bridge Alternating DB Presses 6-8 reps

3b. 180 Point Pivots for 40 seconds

Rest 30-60 seconds

4a. Bent-Over Row to Stand 10-12 reps

4b. Tight Body DB Uppercuts for 40 seconds

Free Music and MOVEment


I am spending most of my day today working from home and am currently updating my playlist. Home work is great because my breaks can consist of whatever the eff I want such as random outbursts of loud music and flailing myself around the room. Yeah I know right, good times 😉 I just got back in after doing some running around and was chatting it up with this super cool guy.

Why am I telling you this? I tell you this because our conversation consisted of discussing music and movement of all kinds. Ok the majority of the movement we pigeonholed on was in regards to lifting but REAL movement like martial arts/combat sports and dancing came up too. FYI those are four of my favorite things with the 5th being something I plead the 5th on (yup it is totally what you are thinking of womp wommmmp).

Oh geez sorry I still have yet to get to the point of this random post and the title’s correlation to the randomness ramblings at hand. I just wasted your time to lead up to this little gifty-gift for you…this dude hooked me up with a free way to get tunes for when you are doing MOVEment (bowel or orchestral not presumptively included lol). I apologize to the artists out there, I really do and this is not meant to be a form of disrespect for your craft but I like to share things that make me happy to help others be happy too. I have also learned from one Will-I-am that that is not how you make your moolah anyhoo 😉

To get some tunes use this site http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ . You find the jam on youtube, copy the link and paste it in the box. You than convert it, download the mp3 and copy it to your Ipod, android or other device. Magical ain’t it 😉

I can survive without music sure, but I cannot thrive nor truly LIVE without it. Still just doing what I can in terms of my loves (MRI comes soon and will give me some answers. This damn ankle and foot thing is yet to be determined than watch out lol) If you are like me and feel the same way, try this out and get your swerve on my beautiful freaks geeks and weirdos ;D Woooooh to you!

Melisscious’ Delicious Discography 25 – Don’t Be So BOOring

HA! I think I am so clever lol Did you get what I did there with the title of my post..BOOring…because it is October and wooooooh Halloween happens this month womp womp wommmmp :p OMG I love Halloween! I really enjoy the beauty of fall too. There is nothing like being out in nature and surrounded by the array of multi coloured trees to spark a serious zen-like moment and appreciation for Mother Earth in all her glory. I just finished up the Tough Mudder Toronto and Captain Laura (lol she rocks 🙂 ) was telling me about the trail runs she does. I have never really been a runner but I think I might be becoming one to some extent I mean. Just adding in some distance vs sprint and hills and stairs all of the time for more of the ahhhhh-ness of being out in nature sure felt good to me. I would bike out in trails and such but never ran and Laura hit it right on when she said how close the Earth she feels when she does her trail runs…converted 🙂 Okay enough about me and yes I will get a post up about some of my training and my experience for The Tough Mudder in the next little while but between shoots, articles, training, classes, clients and life in general, holy balls I need more hours! All good though 🙂 Alrighty, you can find your October training playlist below as well as a fitness tip, no, this time a healthy recipe for Halloween, at the bottom. Enjoy and keep kicking ass!

1. Britney Spears (yeah that’s right lol but you gotta if you wanna…) – Work Bitch

2. Trivium – Strife

3. Limp Bizkit feat Lil Wayne – Ready to Go

4. Hatebreed – Put it to the Torch

5. Five Finger Death Punch – The Pride 😉

6. Metallica – Battery

7. Pantera – Mouth For War (excelllllent)

8. Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit (ha ha woooh)

9. Michael Jackson – Ghosts

Your cooldown jamerooni

10. Brian “Head” Welch – Cry

It IS pumpkin season and pumpkin/pumpkin seeds are so good for you…like a lot good for you lol so here is a pumpkin-halloweeny kind of recipe for you bats and ghouls out there (oh yeah I did just write that ahaha) that is high in protein and not ridonc on the carbs

1/2 cup pumpkin smooshed

2 tablespoons coconut flour

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 stevia packet

1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/4 cup egg whites

1/4-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract


Combine all ingredients.

Put in muffin tins sprayed with nonstick spray and bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

Once cooled you can add a dollop of real whipped cream to make it that much better just don’t go haywire as we all know what happened with that movie and your goals can go the same route :p <—-lame x 500 😀





Rough Days Make For Tough Days ;)

When all you got is blessings around you but your mind wanders to dark

You fight the black but it keeps creeping in, your life feels like a lark

When all that seems to satisfy is giving your love, giving it up for all but you

None can survive this way, but guilt, never good enough, bullshit always coming through

The voices you try to control, you drown it out but band-aids lose their stick

You often wonder if it’s just past veering its head or if you really might be sick

Surrounded by so much love, support and yet some tell you that’s all lies

Never knowing what the truth is, gut instinct nullified, lost in so many people’s eyes

Silence is the enemy because that’s when it awakens, stirred up and ready to feed

You would never hurt another but your own soul cannot be freed

Feelings come and go in waves you hide it all well, you do what’s needed to get by

Thank God the warrior deep in us all doesn’t believe the “stories” told, the lies

It’s not a switch you can turn on and off and off and on again

Some days it’s like IT is never there, like the now was never then.




Melisscious’ Delicious Discography 23 – Move Your Ass Before Snow Covers the Grass!

Summer is officially winding down but the funny thing is, here in Toronto, we are getting some of warmest weather NOW. Weather…you are weird 🙂 I am in the process of moving into a new place as well as a new gym that I will be training out of (Spartan Fitness). I have been in Toronto now for a year and the journey to my goal is a long one but it is getting there. Why am I sharing that with you? I am sharing that bit about my life because any sustaining and worthwhile journey is just that, a journey. A journey or goal takes time. It can be tough to accept that because we all want things done or accomplished yesterday, but taking short cuts, being impatient and so on, will only ultimately backfire or make you make poor decisions. Believe me, I am someone who just leaps and is not at all afraid of change and while most people need to embrace this a lot more, when it comes to you and your health and fitness goals, this can be a bad thing. If you are jumping from one diet and training style to the next, jumping into extreme things like all of a sudden dropping all carbs, not having coffee, quitting smoking, switching your social life so you don’t eat out or drink or stay out too late, doing high intensity work 5 days per week when you are a newbie and you are not ready yet, you are setting yourself up for failure. No one is superhuman and while a few can manage to make so many changes and have it stick, the vast majority cannot. In order to accomplish goals it often means changing behaviours, possibly environments and maybe even social circles. It is said to take around 20-30 days to develop a new habit and there is a ton of evidence that taking on too much at once will backfire. Once you write down your goals, prioritize them, write down some action steps to achieving those goals. Than I want you to focus on one of those action steps at a time, making it a very conscious thing until after those 20-30 days it becomes second nature and you just “automatically” do it. You are than ready for the next action step towards the goal. If you have support than you will be able to tackle more than one step at a time so be sure to reach out. If your goal is to get to a healthier weight/change your body composition, start with simple things like replacing your juices and sodas with water or tea and for activity decide if you are someone who likes social or non-social training ie. are you motivated enough to do at home workouts or do you need the gym environment to help keep you accountable and find the type of class or training that works for YOU (you may need help with this to figure that out)?  Okay I am off to get some training in for the upcoming Tough Mudder so for now for you if you are just starting out read these words and KNOW that small changes will lead to big results you just must be patient. That is LEGIT!  Enjoy your playlist below for some killer training tunes woooooooooooh!


1. Natalia Kills – Problem

2. Marylin Manson – Better of 2 Evils

3. Afrojack and Chris Brown – As Your Friend

4. Zedd – Empire of the Sun

5. Quarashi – Stick ‘Em Up

6. Twista – I ain’t Wired Right

7. Korn – Let the Guilt Go

8. The Dirty Youth – Fight

9. Disturbed – Voices

10. Dilated Peoples ft Kanye West – That Way

Protagonistic Antagonist



I work the ink to design what most deny

Melancholic state, deep seeded dirty sides

You try to hide it behind your lies

But it’s my voice that screams your cries

Like a battle war-ing up inside your minds

Too afraid to embrace that it takes all kinds

Like only yours is the virtuous all others’ blinds

Too afraid to seek in, fearing of those finds

A pen to paper, fingers to the keyboard

Words constructed, vocalized for hoards

Come hop on I promise you won’t be bored

Conformity to factuality cannot be ignored

Your oblique existence,no longer stored

Good versus evil screaming nevermore

Could you put it all out there, willing to hit the floor?

Or do stand back pointing, keeping your”split self”behind closed doors?