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THE Strength, Performance, Fat Loss and Health Tool

Even if I was the inventor of this piece of equipment, I would still never tell you it was the only training tool you will ever need to reach your goals (although I do feel it could be ;D) Yes, you could only use it and excel at superhuman levels but I prefer to look at things in a complimentary fashion vs an either or.

The barbell. Definitely my favorite piece of equipment and whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vet, the barbell is hands down one of the best tools for any and all goals.

Barbell training is a great way to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. There are a ton of exercises you can do that will hit just about every muscle in your body, from the superficial to the stabilizers and if you move the bar at a faster pace, you will work your heart muscle pretty darn effectively too!

Want to be faster, have a firm round booty, jump higher, throw powerful punches, be able to LIVE a long life, not be on a medication timeline, look great nekked from head to toe etcetera etcetera (did I spell that right :p) ? You can do some of the following barbell exercises:

Back Squatsdownload

Deadlifts images

Push Press images (1)

Rows download (1)

Angled Barbell Press

images (2)

Glute Bridge

images (3)

I could seriously go on forever on not only the variations of these particular exercises, but the countless other exercises and ways to use barbells for any training goal. Maybe these are not fancy new age moves, (and I could show you some in person if you’d like and have some training behind you) but these basics just freaking work. The entertainment exercises are great for just that as well as for advanced peeps.

With even just the above exercises you are going to build fat burning, performance enhancing muscle mass and strength from head to toe, literally.

With the above, you will be preventing a whole host of diseases (and while I guess I am not really supposed to say this but you will most certainly treat or fix some you may already have) and other misfortunes that come from NOT training.

More work done in less time with barbell training no matter your goal, your age or your training background, sounds pretty kick ass to me!

Screw Green Eggs and Ham, Try Greenpie!

It was a process of wanting, working for than some elimination to get in on the beta testing and mentorship for something that will be both a tremendous learning experience (keep learning from EVERYONE and learn from your mistakes…just learn!) as well as a life changer.

I am not ashamed to admit my frequent cases of paralysis by analysis in many areas (crapsicles I detest that saying at this point but it just depicts things so formidably it bears over usage), and that is where learning from your mistakes vs simply learning comes in. Action is far more tremendous a feat. With the help of some great people who have fallen into my life recently, more action and errr re-action (no not reaction, although that too is a thing I am working on lol) shall be taken!

Embracing and allowing yourself to step away from sole focus on two particular passions that do not serve you in the proper sustaining ways has been quite a journey of lessons :p. The fork is now veering in another more appropriate and self-serving yet still people serving direction so a woooh to that 😉

Technology, lifestyle based and other online things are everywhere and you can so easily get paralyzed and confused and many will lurk and try to get you on board with things only to benefit themselves and their outcomes. Not being negative, just trying to help you be mindful. I have made the decision to stick with ONE at a time and I suggest you do the same. We are not made for the overload society wants to put on us and while a lot of it is SO awesome, too much is not. Mirna and one of my other mentors is also helping me a lot with that whole focus thing. You can’t do everything on your own but you do need to be selective.

Not only is my experience earned about an app to help you better serve your clients, it is related to improving business, protocols and mind set. These are things you can and should reach out and learn from as many REAL successful, honest and like-minded peeps. That like mindedness is probably more important than anything. We have almost now completed our first week and I am happy with the group and our mentor. I am very lucky to be getting more mentorship and guidance in the right ways in many areas (finally 🙂 ) and I look forward to things to come.

I am pretty stoked though to be finally allowing myself to take care of me while also being able to more effectively and efficiently help others. A lot of people pretend, especially those trying to “help you” with their magical gadgets and systems,  and pretend they have had it all figured out from the get-go all by themselves and that they are living perfect lives of stress free bliss never making any mistakes in anything. I promise you that is a lie and I share some of my things with you to hopefully help you think and to keep going on whatever YOUR journeys entail 😉  I am very grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to share the outcomes with you!