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#MPOWERment Playlist #48

Again, for those who have followed my blog on the other site in the past, these #MPOWERment playlists are like the artist formerly known as Prince in that these are playlists formerly known as Melisscious’ Delicious Discography 😉 As per usual, you have your warmup and cooldown jams.

Plug in or Play it Loud and Go Get it!

1. Punjabi MC feat Jay Z and Pharrell – Beware of the Boyz

2. Die Mannequin – Sucker Punch

3. Fito Blanko feat Fat Joe and Sophia Del Carmen – Take Over

4. Calvin Harris and R3Hab – Burnin

5. Jessie J feat 2 Chainz – Burnin’ Up

6. Travis Barker feat Busta Rhymes, Lil Jon, Yelawolf & Twista – Let’s Go

7. Fergie – A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

8. Showtek – We Like to Party

9. Shaggy Mohambi Faydee Costi – Habibi

10. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

Melisscious’ Delicious Discography number 45: Work it out… #music #MOVEment

Ok so this post is going to be a quickie with just your playlist because I am a bit busy but I still luv ya…So here is your October workout playlist peeps! 😀

1. Disclosure – F for you

2. Hardwell – Three Triangles

3. Junior Jack – Es Samba

4. Lumidee VS Fatman Scoop – Dance

5. R3hab & Nervo – Ready for the weekend

6. Nyemiah Supreme feat Timbaland – Thorough Bitch

7. Melanie Martinez (Chocolate Puma remix) – Dollhouse

8. AK9 – Some Shit Title No one Cares About

9. Cranksters – Call My Name

10. Cooldown Jam…Birdy – Not About Angels

Butts and Guts Workout

Sometimes in order to get comfortable in your own skin, you have to first get really uncomfortable in your own skin! This is a (ahem) fun workout that you can do with a partner, no gym required. Things are always more fun with a buddy and you are doing each other a huge favour by helping one another to be healthy, fit and achieve your goals.

This workout can either be done on its own or as, what I like to call, a post lifting FUN-ISH TO FINISH (finishers schminishers lol) yeaaah these are the ish ;D


This workout is designed to help shape your booty as well as your mind. Tap into that aggressor within and be gutsy in pushing yourself, each other. The first 2 rounds will serve as your warmup as you grease your grooves and get your muscles, nervous system and cardio warmed up. After that though, start bringing that A game 😉 45 seconds each exercise with 15 seconds to catch your breath or transition. 4-6 rounds with 60 seconds rest in between rounds.

Partner High-Five Power Squat Hops – facing each other, squat down and touch the ground than pop up into a jump squat and high five your partner. Squat and touch you right hand to your left foot, pop up and high five your right hand to your partners opposite hand. Switch sides and repeat for time.

Partner Pushup Punches – face each other in a pushup position. You both do a push up than as you come up, reach out to the opposite side and lightly punch your partner in the face (lol just kidding!) tap your partners hand.

Lateral Lunge to Crossover Smack – face each other with feet shoulder-width apart. You will both step to the side (lateral lunge) but in opposite directions. As you push off, come back to stand and high five (smack) your partners hand like tag teaming in wrestling lol and you immediately switch to lunge the other way. Repeat for time.

Jab-Cross Sprawl – face each other in a strong athletic stance. Partner 1 will hold their hands out front while partner 2 hits their hands with a 1-2 jab-cross combo than sprawls our (like a burpee without the pushup). As soon as partner 2 gets back to their feet, partner 2 holds out their hands while partner 1 hits the hands than the ground.

Leap Frogs to Inchworm to Pushup – just like when you were a kid, one person is curled on the ground while the other will (with wide legs) leap over. When the frog lands, he/she will inchworm walkout, perform a pushup, than be the ball on the ground for their partner.

Partner One-Legged Squats –I actually found a picture similar to what I want so here you go. Don’t try to go too deep or you may find too much strain on your knees. untitled

Boom and a Woooooh! There you go. A fun yet challenging addition to your days to bring you a sweet butt and test your guts.


 (if you want to know exactly how to do these, a program or if you are are in the GTA and need that partner to push you, hit me up!)

My Protein Shake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

In case you haven’t gotten the gist of the title, it is a play on this:

…and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, protein rocks for a rocking figure. If you are a foxy lady trying to bring more sass while tightening up your ass, get some more protein in your diet…seriously. BUTT (lol see what I did there) you must also put in the work by lifting some weights or you can forget about really changing your body composition and shape.

How can protein help you feel better AND give you more game ladies? Well let me give you a quick 411 on some of this macronutrients macro superpowers (FYI macro means large, big, major).

  • Protein will help to rebuild and maintain the sculpted muscle you have been working on for shapeliness.
  • Protein will help you to have more balanced energy for the things you love to do, or have to do.
  • Protein can provide you with amino acids that help with mental health and focus.
  • Protein will help to keep you satiated which means less hunger pangs and less of a chance of overdosing on your calories.
  • Protein will help to give you strong and lustrous hair, skin and nails.

So what are some solid sources of protein you ask? There is a difference between animal sources and vegetarian sources where animal sources are always complete, only some vegetarian sources are.

  • Chicken, turkey, fish, ostrich, beef, eggs
  • Complete : Soy, tempeh Incomplete but complimentary: beans, nuts, seeds, legumes (complete means that the source provides all of the amino acids that make up a full protein. The incomplete yet complimentary mean that individually the source does not provide all of the amino acids to make a full protein but if you consume them together, you can get the complete range of aminos.)
  • Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, low fat cheeses (Allegro makes the lowest fat highest protein source I have found)
  • Powders like whey, casein, vegetarian versions with things like pea and hemp combos

How much protein should you get in a day?

This is very individual but an idea would be between 1-2g/kg depending on how much you train and the types of activities, how YOU respond to a higher protein diet, as well as what your goal is at the time.

If you want have more energy, look better (yes we ALL do so enough already), and even perform better at school, work, sport, sex…up the ante by upping your protein.


I am doing far too many things right now but will be revamping and getting back to blogging again soon. For now though I wanted to share with you a short interview with artist and inspiring strong beautiful woman extraordinaire Paula Platter Galloway who not only does various bits of art/performing arts, but is an unbelievable soul who also has her own site giving props to peeps (holy run on sentence there wow!) Anyhoo, for some reason Paula finds me interesting lol and the interview is really on me and some of my experiences over the last mmmm like 7 years or so with trying to get into combat sports and more importantly my love for supporting other women in it and wanting them to grow! As per usual I am not sure I said everything I wanted to or how I wanted to and there is a major gap in the story as no one really knows the goings on over the years…yet but whaaaaatever

Here is a little about Paula:

Originally from Montréal, the audio docs began at CKUT radio as a monthly one-hour show  from 2011-2012.

Now based in Southwestern Ontario, the storytelling spans the Great Lakes/St-Lawrence watershed, ie. the “The Windsor-Québec City Corridor”.

And here is the second less ranty-softer-side version of the interview 😀 http://ruellesmtlalleyways.wix.com/culturalcorridor

Melisscious’ Delicious Discography 23 – Move Your Ass Before Snow Covers the Grass!

Summer is officially winding down but the funny thing is, here in Toronto, we are getting some of warmest weather NOW. Weather…you are weird 🙂 I am in the process of moving into a new place as well as a new gym that I will be training out of (Spartan Fitness). I have been in Toronto now for a year and the journey to my goal is a long one but it is getting there. Why am I sharing that with you? I am sharing that bit about my life because any sustaining and worthwhile journey is just that, a journey. A journey or goal takes time. It can be tough to accept that because we all want things done or accomplished yesterday, but taking short cuts, being impatient and so on, will only ultimately backfire or make you make poor decisions. Believe me, I am someone who just leaps and is not at all afraid of change and while most people need to embrace this a lot more, when it comes to you and your health and fitness goals, this can be a bad thing. If you are jumping from one diet and training style to the next, jumping into extreme things like all of a sudden dropping all carbs, not having coffee, quitting smoking, switching your social life so you don’t eat out or drink or stay out too late, doing high intensity work 5 days per week when you are a newbie and you are not ready yet, you are setting yourself up for failure. No one is superhuman and while a few can manage to make so many changes and have it stick, the vast majority cannot. In order to accomplish goals it often means changing behaviours, possibly environments and maybe even social circles. It is said to take around 20-30 days to develop a new habit and there is a ton of evidence that taking on too much at once will backfire. Once you write down your goals, prioritize them, write down some action steps to achieving those goals. Than I want you to focus on one of those action steps at a time, making it a very conscious thing until after those 20-30 days it becomes second nature and you just “automatically” do it. You are than ready for the next action step towards the goal. If you have support than you will be able to tackle more than one step at a time so be sure to reach out. If your goal is to get to a healthier weight/change your body composition, start with simple things like replacing your juices and sodas with water or tea and for activity decide if you are someone who likes social or non-social training ie. are you motivated enough to do at home workouts or do you need the gym environment to help keep you accountable and find the type of class or training that works for YOU (you may need help with this to figure that out)?  Okay I am off to get some training in for the upcoming Tough Mudder so for now for you if you are just starting out read these words and KNOW that small changes will lead to big results you just must be patient. That is LEGIT!  Enjoy your playlist below for some killer training tunes woooooooooooh!


1. Natalia Kills – Problem

2. Marylin Manson – Better of 2 Evils

3. Afrojack and Chris Brown – As Your Friend

4. Zedd – Empire of the Sun

5. Quarashi – Stick ‘Em Up

6. Twista – I ain’t Wired Right

7. Korn – Let the Guilt Go

8. The Dirty Youth – Fight

9. Disturbed – Voices

10. Dilated Peoples ft Kanye West – That Way

Progress, Not Perfection

Well, well, well, I suppose I have officially sucked it up now as I am posting a “progress” picture to help me be accountable. Now don’t get me wrong, I train or do some kind of activity EVERY day and for the majority, eat a healthful diet, but over the past couple of months I have decided to be kind to myself for a while and just let myself BE. You know, like enjoy some things in life wooooh! I also have different goals in my life right now and far too many things that need priority right now than being overly compulsive about every bite, every rep, every heart beat. What do I mean by this? I can be somewhat of an obsessive hardcore-ist of things. Trust me, a look has nothing to do with how much you train and your diet when you hit a certain level. It can be much more complex than this, but than again, I am always learning too 😉 Just my personality and something that I have to be very mindful of and work on every day 🙂 I have just been eating without tracking and also allowing myself a few more lighter days of work and here is where I am at:


The point of this post, if I really need one lol, is just a sort of cathartic release and state of healing for me, as well as to let those of you out there who might think fitness people are perfect all the time, are really not. This is a real picture, no editing, I mean hell, look at my ‘do ahaha! I don’t really show up as super lean and jacked anyways but that is because for me, I either have not yet mastered the art of single digit body fat percentages while still being able to “perform”, oh and doing it without ahem, “assistance” lol or my body just doesn’t want to go there again. Besides, I want to feel good and am still trying to find exactly where I, not anyone else, wants my body to be at.

Now really there is nothing wrong with this but I know I could be better, even on my every day body.  I am not trying to look like some super lean and jacked chick because for me, that is not a healthy place to be and that’s totally cool. I want to promote health and being, feeling awesome and just happy not obsessive about diet and training. I AM somewhat obsessive about training but for ME, I sort of HAVE to be. You will understand soon enough. I have decided to post this picture because I am a bit “uncomfortable” right now and have been a bit too lackadaisical with my intake and I need to, no I want to, smarten up. I don’t have a competition coming up, although I actually wish I did :p but I like to always be ready. Ready for what you ask? A zombie apocalypse, a hot date wink wink nudge nudge and of course, because I feel it is an important part in trying to be a role model. I love being smaller, faster and nimble and that is my goal. I am combining triple digit lift days and some aesthetic-lift days as well as sport, dance and weird shit I like to do but if I don’t be more diligent with my diet, my body tends to go to a place I would prefer it not to be. Again, this is for ME and I do want to be smaller, tighter and fast as fu%k (speed kills wooooh).

My strength days are a bit more of power days with it all being more explosive now. Because I am already a highly sympathetic dominant person, I do need to be careful and also need to let go of my ego and my need to always prove it in the gym by killing it. I have gotten back to embracing more ohm shit and lighter work. Totally ok. I have also dropped the BS wagon of limiting my carbs too much. Since I started competing I fell into the trap even though I ate them like a mutha and was always healthy, functional and a pretty consistent size :p Whatever! You do dumb stuff and you learn so you can teach others so no regrets but I still have a hard time with finding MY balance. Training, nutrition, health, life…it is all a journey and I am learning to embrace that again. We are ALL on a journey of some sort. There will be ups. There will be downs. There will be times when things are just meh and that is ok. No one is perfect. There is no such thing. There is only progress. Sometimes priorities in your life will change and your training or nutrition might be more of a 3 times per week or 4 meals eaten out vs 6 days of training and 1 day of eating out because of family or work obligations. Whatever it is in life that YOU want that makes YOU happy, go for it but be sure to know and to understand that that “thing” will never be as enjoyable as when your body (and mind!) is strong, fit and healthy. An image is nothing. It truly is about how you feel. I also want you all to know, understand and truly believe, that you don’t NEED to be in the gym 6-7 days per week for hours at a time and being obsessive calorie/macro counters to be healthy, fit and happy. You really truly don’t! People like me are a “special breed” lol. Hell you don’t even need a gym or a lot of money. There are endless possibilities to improving yourself, your health, your life and livelihood you just have to want it. Enjoy your journey and I am going to enjoy mine as I embark on a new phase. We come in all shapes and sizes and abilities and as much as I truly do embrace that in others, it is a journey for ME to embrace it now too 🙂 Everything in all of our lives is about progress, not an unattainable perfection, whatever that even means. Do not accept mediocrity, but be kind to yourself too 😉 Be well and kick ass! xox

Music is SO good for your health

I apologize that this isn’t an “MMT original write up” but here is a great tid bit from CBC News Health on how music is medicine. It is not really “my blog style” of a write up (too serious and official-like lol) but read, enjoy, than crank up your tunes and rock on with your bad self for better health 😀

Music as medicine has huge potential, study suggests

McGill University researchers sought patterns in 400 published researcher papers

CBC News

Posted: Apr  1, 2013   9:41 PM ET

Last Updated:  Apr  1, 2013   9:39 PM ET

Music boosts the body’s immune system and is more effective than prescription drugs in reducing anxiety before a surgery, a research review from two psychologists at Montreal’s McGill University suggests.

“I think the promise of music as medicine is that it’s natural and it’s cheap and it doesn’t have the unwanted side effects that many pharmaceutical products do,” said Daniel Levitin, who co-authored the review recently published in the journal Trends in Cognitive Science.

Levitin and post-doctoral researcher Mona Lisa Chanda reviewed 400 published scientific papers, trying to find patterns among the results.

They found that music had documented effects on brain chemistry and associated mental and physical health benefits in four areas:

  • Management of mood.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Boosting immunity.
  • As an aid to social bonding.

The review found 15 studies showing that people’s levels of a stress hormone called cortisol dropped after they listened to relaxing music, indicating a reduction in stress. One paper even compared patients at a hospital before surgery who were randomly assigned to either listen to music or take an anti-anxiety drug such as Valium.

“People who received the music had lower anxiety levels than people who had the drugs and without side effects,” Levitin said.

Drumming reverses effects of aging

Another group of studies found that older adults can boost their immune function, reversing age-related declines, by making music as participants in drumming circles, Levitin said.

'I think the promise of music as medicine is that it's natural and it's cheap and it doesn't have the unwanted side effects that many pharmaceutical products do,' said McGill University researcher Daniel Levitin. ‘I think the promise of music as medicine is that it’s natural and it’s cheap and it doesn’t have the unwanted side effects that many pharmaceutical products do,’ said McGill University researcher Daniel Levitin. (CBC)

The positive effects of music seem to be linked to the fact that music causes neurons in the brain stem, a primitive part of the brain, to be activated in sync with the beat, Levitin added. That has a cascade of chemical effects on the nervous system, typically evoking relaxation if the beat is slow and improving focus and alertness if the beat is faster.

So far, much of the evidence that the health impacts of music are caused by neurochemical changes is indirect, but taken together it does provide “preliminary support” for that claim, the authors wrote.

Nevertheless, Levitin said the idea that music has positive health effects is no longer controversial.

“I think this has gradually become accepted in the medical community,” he said.

Calming dental patients

Dentist Janet Tamo is among those who have already been putting the medical use of music into practice for some time.

Fifteen studies showing that people's levels of a stress hormone called cortisol dropped after they listened to relaxing music, indicating a reduction in stress.Fifteen studies showing that people’s levels of a stress hormone called cortisol dropped after they listened to relaxing music, indicating a reduction in stress. (Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters)

“We have been using music in the office for years to calm people down,” she said. “It actually calms people better than a sedative. It distracts them from what we are doing.”

Her patient Harris Casper confirms that.

“I think it gives me something to put my mind to aside from having people screw around in my mouth,” Casper said during a recent visit. “It is definitely relaxing.”

He added that being immersed in the music of U.S. R&B artist Usher has another positive side effect — it drowns out the sound of the drill.

Patient control important

Studies showed that slower music tends to be more relaxing than faster music, but familiar music is more relaxing, regardless of the type and tempo.

That brings up an important point about the use of music in a medical setting, Levitin said.

“Rather than the doctor saying, ‘Oh, you’ve got depression — take two Joni Mitchells and call me in the morning,’ I think what we need to have is recognition that people need to have control over what they are listening to.”

The study was funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada.

Proverbial Punch in the Face for the Day aka Motivation

Before you do or don’t do something that you maybe should do aka workout, eat some yum yum veggies, put your foot in your mouth (ha! this is a “gift” of mine lol) or something else that you shouldn’t put there that won’t help your long term goal, I want you to stop, take a second and read, re-read the mantra below and remember if what you are doing or not doing is getting you closer to your goals THAN proceed errr or not :p I am off for the day to work another kick a$$ event after working at the Popeye’s booth at CanFit Pro expo yesterday and than of course training with one of my wicked awesome girls wooooooooooh! 😀


Melisscious’ Delicious Discography 23? – Get Greasy ;D Music and Training

I just had a crazy week of crazy hours and the busiest days just happened to fall on the 31 and the 1 so I am a day late…my bad and I welcome your virtual face punching :p This is a nice hard bunch of bombs I’m dropping on you so gnarl and snarl or bob your body and kill it during your sesh lol. Below you will of course find your training playlist and your health/fitness tip-erooni for the month. Here you go you fabulous bunch of beings you:

1. Manzone and Strong – (these guys are two of my fave dj’s and oh yeah they’re Canadian)

2. 3Lau – I Could Be the Bass (so ill!)

4. Slipknot – Sic (bc it IS 😉 )

5. Sultan + Ned Sheppard and Nervo and Omarion – Army

6. Beastie Boys – Sure Shot

7. Bring Me the Horizons – Shadow Moses

8. Hopsin – Ill Mind of

9. Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t Sweat the Technique

10. Your cooldown jam by (this dude makes some of THE hottest sexiest music damn mmmmm mm mmmm) The Weeknd and Juicy J- One of Those Nights

Instead of always editing your pictures on social media to look more like Mila Kunis or Channing Tatum, try actually putting in some work with lifting challenging weights, do some heavy breathing for at least 20-60 minutes per day and eat a lot of veggies and protein. Besides, how will anyone be able to find you if you go missing if your profile pictures look less like you when you look more like a Waka Flocka or Barbapapa in person huh? Be a better version of YOU! That’s the tip now go deal with it ;D