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#MPOWERment Playlist #48

Again, for those who have followed my blog on the other site in the past, these #MPOWERment playlists are like the artist formerly known as Prince in that these are playlists formerly known as Melisscious’ Delicious Discography 😉 As per usual, you have your warmup and cooldown jams.

Plug in or Play it Loud and Go Get it!

1. Punjabi MC feat Jay Z and Pharrell – Beware of the Boyz

2. Die Mannequin – Sucker Punch

3. Fito Blanko feat Fat Joe and Sophia Del Carmen – Take Over

4. Calvin Harris and R3Hab – Burnin

5. Jessie J feat 2 Chainz – Burnin’ Up

6. Travis Barker feat Busta Rhymes, Lil Jon, Yelawolf & Twista – Let’s Go

7. Fergie – A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

8. Showtek – We Like to Party

9. Shaggy Mohambi Faydee Costi – Habibi

10. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

T.A.M.I. York Region – Stomping Out Stigma

It truly is a joy and a blessing to hear people’s stories, whatever they may entail. It was about about 10 days ago now but I am just getting the chance to write this quick blurb about the T.A.M.I York Region event where a group of amazing people and organizations came together to help stomp out the stigma of various mental illness (and related) issues.

I was very humbled and honoured to be with this amazing young lady named Morgan (she rocks and is going to do, already does do, incredible things!) as we were ambassadors for Kids Help Phone at the event. We were helping to spread the word at a booth as well as speaking in front of a group of students, teachers, officials and other guests (thank you for this experience and the lessons I have learned 😉 ) I have said it before and I will say it again, KHP is SO much more than a help line for young kids and the people on the front line, on the phones, in the office, behind the scenes, are all just unbelievable in every regard.

There were some other booths related to health, mental health and how to kick ass in life, but the guest speakers and even the students who shared their stories at the table were amazing. I really just wanted to post this to quickly say thank you not only for the opportunity to represent and spread goodness, but to be able to hear stories, share stories and be reminded of just how awesome people REALLY are 😉

Moral of the story here is while we all have our moments or days, do your best to lend a hand, be compassionate and kind, be you, do you, you can and will get through whatever it is just keep reaching, voicing, and you are absolutely not alone!

Thank you Kid’s Help Phone, York Region and all of those in attendance for this amazing opportunity.

Please keep doing all the good you do 🙂

p.s. I am not sure if the video is able to be posted but if it is, I will post here later.

I’m unleashing my inner superhero at Habitat for Humanity GTA’s 2014 Women Build!



This was a last minute AKA surprise that fell upon my lap so why not! I have very little time to raise funds and every nickel, dime and dollar counts. I will be there to help build so feel free to come down and yell at me to work more too lol Thank you!

If you have any trouble with the link below, please just search my name 🙂 It is totally legit and you will get a tax receipt for your awesomeness!

I’m unleashing my inner superhero at Habitat for Humanity GTA’s 2014 Women Build!.

Free Music and MOVEment


I am spending most of my day today working from home and am currently updating my playlist. Home work is great because my breaks can consist of whatever the eff I want such as random outbursts of loud music and flailing myself around the room. Yeah I know right, good times 😉 I just got back in after doing some running around and was chatting it up with this super cool guy.

Why am I telling you this? I tell you this because our conversation consisted of discussing music and movement of all kinds. Ok the majority of the movement we pigeonholed on was in regards to lifting but REAL movement like martial arts/combat sports and dancing came up too. FYI those are four of my favorite things with the 5th being something I plead the 5th on (yup it is totally what you are thinking of womp wommmmp).

Oh geez sorry I still have yet to get to the point of this random post and the title’s correlation to the randomness ramblings at hand. I just wasted your time to lead up to this little gifty-gift for you…this dude hooked me up with a free way to get tunes for when you are doing MOVEment (bowel or orchestral not presumptively included lol). I apologize to the artists out there, I really do and this is not meant to be a form of disrespect for your craft but I like to share things that make me happy to help others be happy too. I have also learned from one Will-I-am that that is not how you make your moolah anyhoo 😉

To get some tunes use this site . You find the jam on youtube, copy the link and paste it in the box. You than convert it, download the mp3 and copy it to your Ipod, android or other device. Magical ain’t it 😉

I can survive without music sure, but I cannot thrive nor truly LIVE without it. Still just doing what I can in terms of my loves (MRI comes soon and will give me some answers. This damn ankle and foot thing is yet to be determined than watch out lol) If you are like me and feel the same way, try this out and get your swerve on my beautiful freaks geeks and weirdos ;D Woooooh to you!

I am doing far too many things right now but will be revamping and getting back to blogging again soon. For now though I wanted to share with you a short interview with artist and inspiring strong beautiful woman extraordinaire Paula Platter Galloway who not only does various bits of art/performing arts, but is an unbelievable soul who also has her own site giving props to peeps (holy run on sentence there wow!) Anyhoo, for some reason Paula finds me interesting lol and the interview is really on me and some of my experiences over the last mmmm like 7 years or so with trying to get into combat sports and more importantly my love for supporting other women in it and wanting them to grow! As per usual I am not sure I said everything I wanted to or how I wanted to and there is a major gap in the story as no one really knows the goings on over the years…yet but whaaaaatever

Here is a little about Paula:

Originally from Montréal, the audio docs began at CKUT radio as a monthly one-hour show  from 2011-2012.

Now based in Southwestern Ontario, the storytelling spans the Great Lakes/St-Lawrence watershed, ie. the “The Windsor-Québec City Corridor”.

And here is the second less ranty-softer-side version of the interview 😀

Not gonna lie, I love the people I have met through ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition). THE best. THE brightest. THE most supportive, encouraging, fun, empowering, did I mention how smart and just badass they are? Anyhoozer, I am a very fortunate person that will keep on my journey and continue learning from these amazing people as I go and since I couldn’t post this on LinkedIn… (Thanks Tony:) )

Before calling Melissa Traynor a friend, upon meeting her I was first intrigued by her humility and laser focus on furthering her knowledge. Rest assured, this is a woman that takes her craft seriously and dedicates herself daily to advancing knowledge and elite physical conditioning. She has my full confidence as a trainer and coach. If you wish to engage in a fitness program for the first time, or you are a highly skilled and conditioned professional fighter, Melissa Traynor has the, persona, knowledge, skills, and dedication to ensure success in your fitness journey. She makes me proud to be a part of this industry. And if you have the opportunity to train with her, certainly embrace it. You will find yourself engaging in a very positive experience.


Director of High Performance Training

My Competitive Life –

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that if you need some help with your training, nutrition or just need a punch, lol jk, but if you are a total newbie and afraid of the gym scene, I will punch those making you feel less than welcome 🙂 Even if you just want to come say hi and pick my brain (as long as I am not in the middle of training PLEASE) find me at Spartan Fitness in Scarborough… but I do still travel and do online coaching too! 😉 Really, I DO just want to help change the world so I would love to help you change yours 🙂

Protagonistic Antagonist



I work the ink to design what most deny

Melancholic state, deep seeded dirty sides

You try to hide it behind your lies

But it’s my voice that screams your cries

Like a battle war-ing up inside your minds

Too afraid to embrace that it takes all kinds

Like only yours is the virtuous all others’ blinds

Too afraid to seek in, fearing of those finds

A pen to paper, fingers to the keyboard

Words constructed, vocalized for hoards

Come hop on I promise you won’t be bored

Conformity to factuality cannot be ignored

Your oblique existence,no longer stored

Good versus evil screaming nevermore

Could you put it all out there, willing to hit the floor?

Or do stand back pointing, keeping your”split self”behind closed doors?


Progress, Not Perfection

Well, well, well, I suppose I have officially sucked it up now as I am posting a “progress” picture to help me be accountable. Now don’t get me wrong, I train or do some kind of activity EVERY day and for the majority, eat a healthful diet, but over the past couple of months I have decided to be kind to myself for a while and just let myself BE. You know, like enjoy some things in life wooooh! I also have different goals in my life right now and far too many things that need priority right now than being overly compulsive about every bite, every rep, every heart beat. What do I mean by this? I can be somewhat of an obsessive hardcore-ist of things. Trust me, a look has nothing to do with how much you train and your diet when you hit a certain level. It can be much more complex than this, but than again, I am always learning too 😉 Just my personality and something that I have to be very mindful of and work on every day 🙂 I have just been eating without tracking and also allowing myself a few more lighter days of work and here is where I am at:


The point of this post, if I really need one lol, is just a sort of cathartic release and state of healing for me, as well as to let those of you out there who might think fitness people are perfect all the time, are really not. This is a real picture, no editing, I mean hell, look at my ‘do ahaha! I don’t really show up as super lean and jacked anyways but that is because for me, I either have not yet mastered the art of single digit body fat percentages while still being able to “perform”, oh and doing it without ahem, “assistance” lol or my body just doesn’t want to go there again. Besides, I want to feel good and am still trying to find exactly where I, not anyone else, wants my body to be at.

Now really there is nothing wrong with this but I know I could be better, even on my every day body.  I am not trying to look like some super lean and jacked chick because for me, that is not a healthy place to be and that’s totally cool. I want to promote health and being, feeling awesome and just happy not obsessive about diet and training. I AM somewhat obsessive about training but for ME, I sort of HAVE to be. You will understand soon enough. I have decided to post this picture because I am a bit “uncomfortable” right now and have been a bit too lackadaisical with my intake and I need to, no I want to, smarten up. I don’t have a competition coming up, although I actually wish I did :p but I like to always be ready. Ready for what you ask? A zombie apocalypse, a hot date wink wink nudge nudge and of course, because I feel it is an important part in trying to be a role model. I love being smaller, faster and nimble and that is my goal. I am combining triple digit lift days and some aesthetic-lift days as well as sport, dance and weird shit I like to do but if I don’t be more diligent with my diet, my body tends to go to a place I would prefer it not to be. Again, this is for ME and I do want to be smaller, tighter and fast as fu%k (speed kills wooooh).

My strength days are a bit more of power days with it all being more explosive now. Because I am already a highly sympathetic dominant person, I do need to be careful and also need to let go of my ego and my need to always prove it in the gym by killing it. I have gotten back to embracing more ohm shit and lighter work. Totally ok. I have also dropped the BS wagon of limiting my carbs too much. Since I started competing I fell into the trap even though I ate them like a mutha and was always healthy, functional and a pretty consistent size :p Whatever! You do dumb stuff and you learn so you can teach others so no regrets but I still have a hard time with finding MY balance. Training, nutrition, health, life…it is all a journey and I am learning to embrace that again. We are ALL on a journey of some sort. There will be ups. There will be downs. There will be times when things are just meh and that is ok. No one is perfect. There is no such thing. There is only progress. Sometimes priorities in your life will change and your training or nutrition might be more of a 3 times per week or 4 meals eaten out vs 6 days of training and 1 day of eating out because of family or work obligations. Whatever it is in life that YOU want that makes YOU happy, go for it but be sure to know and to understand that that “thing” will never be as enjoyable as when your body (and mind!) is strong, fit and healthy. An image is nothing. It truly is about how you feel. I also want you all to know, understand and truly believe, that you don’t NEED to be in the gym 6-7 days per week for hours at a time and being obsessive calorie/macro counters to be healthy, fit and happy. You really truly don’t! People like me are a “special breed” lol. Hell you don’t even need a gym or a lot of money. There are endless possibilities to improving yourself, your health, your life and livelihood you just have to want it. Enjoy your journey and I am going to enjoy mine as I embark on a new phase. We come in all shapes and sizes and abilities and as much as I truly do embrace that in others, it is a journey for ME to embrace it now too 🙂 Everything in all of our lives is about progress, not an unattainable perfection, whatever that even means. Do not accept mediocrity, but be kind to yourself too 😉 Be well and kick ass! xox

Better late than never! The 10th Annual ISSN Conference in Colorado Kicks Ass

I am not sure if it is my brain crashing over the past while that is the reason I have lost my creativity and my oomph for writing, but I am working on that whole balance thing to take time for me and will hopefully be back up and running soon. I am late on getting this post done of the 10th annual ISSN Conference that happened a few weeks back in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs.  That place is so legit when it comes to hot spots for training and nutrition (can you say NSCA headquarters,Olympic Training centre…) that I am pretty sure MC Hammer wrote 2Legit based on it :p If you are not of the era to know what or who I speak of, here you go and you can thank me later for exposing you to this bit-o-woah  

Hey look it’s a picture (since no one really likes to read anymore I’m told:p) of some of the awesome peeps from the conference

——-> like the beautiful Abbie Smith Ph.D. CISSN and Kelly Kennedy, PhD, CISSN


007 <———– HEY LOOK it’s Tony Ricci and Rick Collins looking badass

The weekend was F-U-L-L. The really great thing about the conference was that yes, it was exceptionally educational, but it was wicked fun and while these are all PhD’s and muscle nerds, you would never guess it from their down to earth, hilarity of personalities. Aside from the weekend courses ranging from the kick ass Shawn M. Arent, PhD, FACSM, CSCS on The Psychology of Supplementation (sorry Shawn that I got you prior to the exorcism in this picture apparently :p)


to the beautiful Carla Sanchez’s talk on Building the Competitive Physique Without Stepping on Stage,078

one of several of MusclePharm’s talks on not only supplementation/nutrition but on advances in technology based activity programs like exergaming for kids


discussions on various topics from innovations within the industry, to building a lasting product and brand in the industry, current research on getting jacked and performing like a mutha lol as well as the ISSN rountable disscussion with some of the

smartiest of pants’.


This weekend also happened to fall on a fight night, UFC 161 to be exact. A bunch of us all headed out to watch the beatdowns and had a faaaaaaantastic evening watching people get pummeled. TBH though the fights were somewhat disappointing but hey, at least they showed up right?!?

I loved watching Rosi Sexton and fellow Canadian Alexis Davis do their thang woooooh to the women! images

Postscript….sorry my arrows don’t actually point directly to the pictures. I would like to state for the record that those arrows are NOT legit and should be beaten with fists of fury until they find their homes in the correct positioning on the damn page, just saying…go to your home arrows. Go to your homes you are missed 😦

TED Talks Just Plain Rocks

To be honest, I think that TED, in its entirety, is one of THE best things ever created 🙂 I love the teaching, the passion, the knowledge and did I mention the passion ;). Really it doesn’t matter what the topic is, there is so much variety, so much of the aforementioned being shared. You spend so much of your time “working” but really, aren’t we truly supposed to be living? Why can’t we have both? Whatever YOUR passion is, no matter how hard the struggle is, no matter how long it takes, keep searching inside of you. Keep seeking out knowledge from others. Keep surrounding yourself with the right people. Most of all, keep being passionate and just keep going! xoxo


P.S. Sometimes you also just need to limit the amount of “hands in the pot” 😉